ZK: Ajax Without the Javascript Framework

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نام کتاب ZK: Ajax Without the Javascript Framework
ISBN 1590599012
نويسنده Henri Chen:Robbie Cheng
ناشر Apress
سال انتشار 2007
تعداد صفحات 185
اندازه فايل 2.6
فرمت کتاب PDF
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ZK is the most popular open source SourceForge Ajax web framework that enables rich user interface for web applications with no JavaScript and little programming. This firstPress book will cover the following:

  • Shows you how to use this simplest Ajax framework to write real-world responsive web applications
  • Covers ZK's more than 70 XUL and 80 XHTML rich GUI components
  • Authoritatively written by cofounder/lead of the ZK project

What you’ll learn

  • Perform Ajax development without the use of JavaScript
  • Write your first ZK framework–based application: “Hello World!”
  • Augmenting with Eclipse IDE, build a more dynamic, responsive “Hello World!” application
  • Use ZKs more than 70 XUL and 80 XHTML rich GUI components
  • Explore megacomponents for Google Maps and more
  • Build a real-world application such as a pet store by using ZK in the presentation tier and beyond
  • Integrate and use ZK with other frameworks like Hibernate

Who this book is for

Web application designers and programmers who wish to implement rich Ajax web applications in the simplest way.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is the ZK Ajax Framework
  2. Getting Started with ZK
  3. Building Your First ZK Application
  4. Introducing the Versatile ZK Components
  5. Setting Up the Development Environment
  6. Creating a Real WebApplication
  7. Linking the GUI to a Database
  8. Binding Data Automatically

About the Author

Henri Chen is cofounder of the ZK Ajax Framework. He has more than 20 years of'programming experience in various areas and programming languages. He has been writing Java programs since the initial release of the Java language in 1995 and ported JavaOS and HotJava to the world's first StrongARM-based network computer, which won the "Best of System" award in Comdex 1996. He is also an expert in thin-client programming, embedded systems, and Ajax web programming.

Robbie Cheng is an engineer on the ZK team. Though his major was English literature in college, he got his master's in business administration in management of information systems. He has been an instructor in the use of the ZK Framework and the developer of zk registry, and has published many articles on the ZK web site. In addition to programming, his hobby is watching movies, and his favorite movie is "The Bridges of Madison County".


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