Python 3 for Absolute Beginners

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نام کتاب Python 3 for Absolute Beginners
ISBN 1430216328
نويسنده Tim Hall:J-p Stacey
ناشر Apress
سال انتشار 2009
تعداد صفحات 314
اندازه فايل 8.0
فرمت کتاب PDF
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There are many more people who want to study programming other than aspiring computer scientists with a passing grade in advanced calculus. This guide appeals to your intelligence and ability to solve practical problems, while gently teaching the most recent revision of the programming language Python.

You can learn solid software design skills and accomplish practical programming tasks, like extending applications and automating everyday processes, even if you have no programming experience at all. Authors Tim Hall and J–P Stacey use everyday language to decode programming jargon and teach Python 3 to the absolute beginner.

What you’ll learn

  • Cultivate a problem–solving approach and acquire software design skills.
  • Learn how to create your own software from simple “Hello World”-type programs to stand–alone windowed applications.
  • Document while programming, program while documenting.
  • Decode programmers’ jargon.
  • Master the Python 3 programming language.

Who this book is for

Non–programmers who want to learn Python programming without taking a detour via a computer science department.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Python
  2. Designing Software
  3. Variables and Data Types
  4. Making Choices
  5. Using Lists
  6. Functions
  7. Working with Text
  8. Executable Files, Organization, and Python on the Web
  9. Classes
  10. Exceptions
  11. Reusing Code with Modules and Packages
  12. Simple Windowed Applications


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