Java SOA Cookbook

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نام کتاب Java SOA Cookbook
ISBN 0596520727
نويسنده Eben Hewitt
ناشر OReilly Media
سال انتشار 2009
تعداد صفحات 742
اندازه فايل 8.9
فرمت کتاب PDF
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Java Soa Cookbook offers practical solutions and advice to programmers charged with implementing a service-oriented architecture (Soa) in their organization. Instead of providing another conceptual, high-level view of Soa, this cookbook shows you how to make Soa work. It's full of Java and Xml code you can insert directly into your applications and recipes you can apply right away. The book focuses primarily on the use of free and open source Java Web Services technologies - including Java Se 6 and Java Ee 5 tools - but you'll find tips for using commercially available tools as well. Java Soa Cookbook will help you: Construct Xml vocabularies and data models appropriate to Soa applications Build real-world web services using the latest Java standards, including Jax-Ws 2.1 and Jax-Rs 1.0 for Restful web services Integrate applications from popular service providers using Soap, Pox, and Atom Create service orchestrations with complete coverage of the Ws-Bpel (Business Process Execution Language) 2.0 standard Improve the reliability of Soap-based services with specifications such as Ws-Reliable Messaging Deal with governance, interoperability, and quality-of-service issues The recipes in Java Soa Cookbook will equip you with the knowledge you need to approach Soa as an integration challenge, not an obstacle.



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