Design Patterns Java Workbook

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نام کتاب Design Patterns Java Workbook
ISBN 0201743973
نويسنده Steven John Metsker
ناشر Addison-Wesley Professional
سال انتشار 2002
تعداد صفحات 400
اندازه فايل 4.9
فرمت کتاب PDF
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-- Workbook approach deepens your understanding, builds your confidence, and strengthens your skills.-- Covers all five categories of design pattern intent: interfaces, responsibility, construction, operations, and extensions. This new workbook complements the classic Design Patterns, giving Java developers hands-on experience in transforming pattern concepts into working designs and code. Steven John Metsker presents nearly 90 practical pattern exercises, encompassing all 23 patterns first introduced in Design Patterns, and others that have since been identified. Metsker organizes Java design patterns by five categories of "intent": interfaces, responsibility, construction, operations, and extensions. Each section of the book focuses on one category, identifying the relevant challenges facing Java developers, and showing how specific patterns can be used to solve problems that recur in Java development and cannot easily be solved without their use. A Solutions chapter provides Metsker's detailed solutions to each problem, including -- where necessary -- UML diagrams. For all Java developers who want to use patterns to impro ve their software.


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