Cloud Computing Virtualization Specialist Complete Certification Kit - Study Guide Book and Online Course - Second Edition

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نام کتاب Cloud Computing Virtualization Specialist Complete Certification Kit - Study Guide Book and Online Course - Second Edition
ISBN 9781742444536
نويسنده Ivanka Menken
ناشر Emereo Pty Ltd
سال انتشار 2010
تعداد صفحات None
اندازه فايل 6.2
فرمت کتاب PDF
لينک دانلود  برای مشاهده لینک دانلود لطفاً وارد سایت شوید 

Improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications through virtualization and transform your business. Eliminate the old one server, one application model and run multiple virtual machines on each physical machine. Free your IT admins from spending so much time managing servers rather than innovating. About 70% of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized datacenter goes towards just maintaining the existing infrastructure, with little left for innovation.

Today's x86 computer hardware was designed to run a single operating system and a single application, leaving most machines vastly underutilized. Virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer.

This book provides the quality education and support materials needed to enable the understanding and application of Virtualization in a wide range of contexts.

This comprehensive book comes with access to the eLearn Virtualization Specialist program provided by The Art of Service. In this updated 2nd edition, we listened to your feedback and created a more focused, specialized manual which dives straight into Virtualization. We hope you find this book to be a useful tool in your educational library and wish you well in your IT Service Management career!

This Kit contains the book and online course access that provides everything you need to prepare for the Virtualization Specialist Certification Exam, including in-depth coverage of all exam objectives, scenarios to easily demonstrate the processes in action, and practice exam questions for that last minute test preparation.

This Study Guide and Online Course access provides complete, in-depth coverage of all exam objectives for the Virtualization Specialist exam in a systematic approach, so you can be confident you're getting the instruction you need.

  • Real-world scenarios put what you've learned in the context of service solutions.

  • Thought provoking questions to challenge your thinking and understanding.

  • Exam Essentials in each chapter helps you zero in on what you need to know.

  • Includes practice exam questions.

  • A Real World Guide to Virtualization Skills.

  • Key information and real world examples organized around the actual day-to-day tasks and challenges you'll face in the field of IT Management.

  • Practice what you've learned with challenging Virtualization Specialist exam style questions.

Based on specific exam objectives - use this as a lab manual for certification preparation.


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