Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard, and Practice: A Practical Guide for Architecture, Design, and Implementation

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نام کتاب Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard, and Practice: A Practical Guide for Architecture, Design, and Implementation
ISBN 9780123704528
نويسنده Mark F. Hornick:Erik Marcadé:Sunil Venkayala
ناشر Morgan Kaufmann
سال انتشار 2006
تعداد صفحات 545
اندازه فايل 7.4
فرمت کتاب PDF
لينک دانلود Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard, and Practice: A Practical Guide for Architecture, Design, and Implementation

Java is now ubiquitous and over the past few years the Java world has shifted focus on-among other things-new frameworks, such as the Java Data Mining (JDM) framework. JDM addresses a clear need for standardization in data mining operations, yet to those approaching both Java and data mining the mountain seems as Everest. Hornick, Marcadé, and Venkayala could not have written this book at a better time. To the expert it is reference and map of the landscape, and to the novice it will be a constant guide and companion to each journey in JDM. This book is approachable, usable, practical, and necessary for any Java data mining software architect, developer, or analyst. –Frank Byrum, Chief Scientist, CorMine Intelligent Data, LLC Whether you are a software developer, systems architect, data analyst, or business analyst, if you want to take advantage of data mining in the development of advanced analytic applications, Java Data Mining, JDM, the new standard now implemented in core DBMSs and data mining/analysis software, is a key solution component. And this book is the essential guide to the usage of the JDM standard interface. The reference that will help you produce applications with advanced analytics and predictive analytic capabilities. The first and authoritative guide to JDM, written by contributors to the JDM standard. The book discusses and illustrates how to solve real problems using the JDM API. The authors provide you with- an overview of data mining and JDM’s place in strategic solutions to data mining-related problems; JDMs essentials the design approach and design issues, with detailed code examples; a Web Services interface to enable JDM functionality in an SOA environment; and illustration of JDM XML Schema for JDM objects; JDM in practice the use of JDM from vendor implementations and approaches to customer applications, integration, and usage; impact of data mining on IT infrastructure. Here, we illustrate how to build applications that use the JDM API. Mark F. Hornick is a senior manager of Data Mining Technologies at Oracle Corporation. He has lead the Java Data Mining (JSR-73) expert group since July of 2000, and now the JSR-247 expert group working towards JDM 2.0. Mark brings 20 years experience in the design and implementation of advanced software systems. Erik Marcadé is Founder and Chief Technical Officer of KXEN, which provides next generation business analytics software, and a member of the JSR-73 and JSR-247 expert group. Sunil Venkayala, is a J2EE and XML group leader and a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Corporation. Sunil is also an expert group member of Java Data Mining (JDM) standard developed under JSR-73 and JSR-247.Key Features- The first and authoritative guide to the Java Data Mining Standard, JDM, being implemented in DBMSs and data management tools today, and written by contributors to the JDM standard. Shows how to use JDM concepts to solve practical data mining problems; Illustrates the application of JDM XML Schema and web services for solving problems in non-Java environments. Includes code examples that illustrate the use of the JDM API.


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